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On Passion

Passion is not a quality that is foreign to you. It is not a characteristic that some people are born with and some must do without. To be passionate is as natural to you as breathing, as natural as being alive. It is the source of who you are. p. 5

Passion acts like a magnet that attracts us to its source. We are drawn to people who radiate with passion, who live with passion, who breathe with passion. Your passion is your true power. p. 13

The more of yourself you offer to something the more passion you will receive back in return. Do whatever you do with commitment. Love whomever you love with commitment. Then, whatever you do will be infused with passion. The relationships you have will vibrate with passion. The choices you make will resound with passion. p. 18

Open yourself to the potential in this moment. Let go of how you think it should look. Let go of how you think it should feel. Let go of trying to control what is happening. Just let go . . . Now, you've created the space for magic to occur. Now, you've opened the door so that the mysterious may rush in. Now, you've made room in your heart for passion. p. 25

When was the last time you let the passionate part of you out to play? When was the last time you felt excited just to be alive? Stop worrying about what other people think, or if what you feel like doing is practical, useful, or efficient. Be silly. Be passionate. Be yourself. p. 29

Passion begins when your bodies unite and ends where your souls dance. When your spirits can join together at the same time as your bodies become one, then all of you will be making love. There will be nothing left between you that is not love. This is sacred union, This is ecstacy. p. 43

It is in the passion of the heart where the strength of your love will reveal itself. Passion that lasts cannot be based merely on attraction to a physical body that is always changing. True passion emanates from your soul, which recognizes its mate in another and rejoices in the miricle of your reunion. p. 47

In the very instant your passion expresses itself, whether through an embrace, a sweet glance, or an act of kindness, you enter into the timeless world of the heart. It does not matter what has happened before. It does not matter what will happen next. All that matters is this moment. All that matters is love. p. 52

The true heart is not a place in your body. It's a state you enter when you are willing to feel, when you are willing to love, when you are willing to be loved. This true heart is the core of who you really are. It is the pulsation of your spirit. p. 35

Nothing in the physical realm of relationships is more intimate than sharing the passion of your body with your beloved. This passion is the one part of you that no one else in the world sees, the part that you keep only for him or for her. It is your life force itself, the way your spirit dances in the flesh, and therefore is sacred. And thus the sharing of your passion in the form of sexual union becomes sacred as well. We have been taught that passion is a base emotion, synonymous with lust, and that things which are sacred have nothing to do with the body, that they transcend the physical. Yet isn't the body simply an expression of the spirit? And therefore, isn't sexual intimacy a way the life force plays upon the platform of the body? The natural passion you feel for your partner can be a doorway into a new kind of sexual experience, where you learn to use physical love as an opportunity for sacred communion. The sensation of passion is just the starting point in lovemaking. It is the physical expression of a much more timeless, more abstract desire. For hidden in the core of the passion is the longing for union, for total oneness with your beloved. Your body may be reaching out to touch your lover's body, but in truth, it is your soul that, through the vehicle of your body, is reaching out to touch your lover's soul. p. 41-2.

Emotional passion An intimate relationship cannot survive over time on physical passion alone. There must be a strong bond not just between the bodies, but also between the hearts of two lovers. This bond transcends sexual attraction. It is a bond of emotional passion between you and your mate. The center of emotional passion is in the heart, not in the sexual organs. It is not based on infatuation, chemistry, or desire. It is based on a deep recognition of the love in another person, the love in your own self, and the joy these two forces create when they play together. You can feel physical passion for someone you don't like very much. After all, lust and love are two different sentiments. But to feel emotional passion for a person, you have to really like him or her. You are passionate about your partner's character; you are passionate about his personality; you are passionate about his mind; you are passionate about his spirit. Unlike physical passion, which is born of need, emotional passion springs from an unmistaken resonance you both feel deep within. In the end, it is emotiona passion that keeps a marriage together for a lifetime; it is emotional passion that allows a couple to go through great challenges and crises and come out even closer than before; it is emotional passion that makes you feel truly safe and truly loved. This passion of the heart anchors your relationship in the depths of the sea of devotion that does not waver just because of waves of difficulty on the surface. Emotional passion doesn't diminish when you or your sweetheart becomes ill, or even when you aren't getting what you think you should from each other for a while. Together, you ride the sometimes rough surf of life, secure in the knowledge that no storm can wash away the eternal truth of your love. p. 46.